For Event Planners, CMPs and Experience Curators

It's what every other event management software forgot.

Reviewing, testing and using a variety of event software and services, one thing seems to always be missing - the actual event planner's portal. We are excited to bring you exactly what you need - a place for managing event orders, room setups, food and beverage, audiovisual, presentation materials, staff work orders and more!

Event Orders Made Easy

Whether you've worked with bottomless binders, endless documents or confusing spreadsheets, our event orders are easier to read, search through, update and verify. Even sending them to the venue takes only a few moments.

Your Events, Your Way

All-in-one software can never quite bend to do exactly what we planners want it to do. My Event Plan doesn't have to bend because it's built for you and your events and does one thing especially well - provides the planner with the information they need, when and how they need it.

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We know. You want to get your hands on it.

Please browse our demo site to get a glimpse into our software features and then use our tester login to add, view and modify event information.

Send us an email using the contact form or send us a text using the WhatsApp link above.

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